Guardian Group Fatum Best in Business Award Aruba 2017

Be the best! Win the 1st Guardian Group Fatum Best in Business Award Aruba 2017!

With Aruba's developments, companies are obliged to change constantly and these changes bring challenges. The Guardian Group Fatum Best in Business Award recognizes companies that can overcome and champion to these challenges by focusing on the following pillars: the passion for excellence, the drive to innovate and the hard work that accompanies every successful enterprise.

This year will be the1st year the Guardian Group Fatum Best in Business Award will be awarded in Aruba! Every entrepreneur who believes that they can contribute to the development of Aruba in a positive way is encouraged to participate in the Guardian Group Fatum Best in Business Award. The best company on Aruba wins an attractive Afl. 10.000 cash prize  and so much more, but more importantly: recognition by your customers and loads of ' free publicity '.  Want to register? It  only takes 5 minutes!

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As an entrepreneur you are the hub of the economy.  You contribute to Aruba's development and provide employment opportunities and help build the future of the island. 

A cash prize of Afl. 10,000 cash and much more. 

You can register here, through our website, until May 4th 2017. The questionnaire consists of 15 questions. Companies that register are assessed by D&I Business Support Services based on the Business Excellence approach where the management model of the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) has been chosen.  This makes the assessment process of all companies insightfull.

The 5 companies that are in the highest growth phase advance to the next round. These finalists will be assessed futher by an expert jury through a company visit, radio interview and presentation, among other things, competing for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.

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The winner of the Guardian Group Fatum Best in Business Award will be announced on June 29th 2017 during a cocktail party at Tierra del Sol

Best in Business Quick Scan
In a turbulent world with rapid changes, challenging opportunities but also unexpected threats, everyentrepreneur needs some guidance. With the Best in Business Quick Scan you are able to map your starting position. It indicates the growth phase your business is currently in. There are companies on Aruba that operate to continuously strive to belong amongst the best. On their field or in their market segment, positioning can be very valuable; it indicates the direction in which the entrepreneur can develop.

All companies receive an analysis of their respective company from D&I Business Support Services and thus a chance to win the Grand Prize.


Assessment Quick Scan
The registration forms are assessed based on objective criteria of the Business Excellence Model and recorded in the Best in Business Quick Scan. Considering factors such as attention to the customer, shareholder value and process management, attention to results, leadership and continuity in objectives, management based on good, timely and reliable information, development of the competencies of employees, innovation, structural cooperation and corporate social responsibility is examined.