My Guardian Group Walk & Run 2016

On Sunday, October 30th, 2016, it’s time for the 34th edition of the My Guardian Walk & Run.  Starting the 10 km Walk and Run  at 6:30 am at Guardian Group Fatum at Cas Coraweg 2 and finishing on the Mambo Beach BLVD Parking Lot. 

Anyone can participate, because participating is more important than winning. The My Guardian Group Walk & Run is open to the fast runners, the runners, the super-fast runners, walkers, joggers, the now somewhat slower but still highly motivated runners, mothers with strollers, wheelchairs, grandfathers and grandmothers and everyone else who wants to join the fun.

This year there will be NO ONLINE REGISTRATIONS. Without the online registrations this year we suggest everyone to be on time purchasing their T-shirts on the dates indicated below which are the T-shirt payment and pick-up days! Please note that T-shirts are only available while supplies last.

Competition Runners are still required to pass by the Road Runners Club Korsou station on the T-shirt pick-up and payment days to register as a competition runner. Only by registering competion runners will be able to receive their runner numbers on the Sunday of the Run.

Runners pay a Naf.10,- participation fee and also an extra Naf. 10,- depost which is returned upon returning the bib-number at the end of the race.

Winners of each race receive a beautiful trophy from the Road Runners Club Curacao.

*** Please note that the start line for the runners has been moved forward towards Mensings Caminada, this is outlined in the route map to be found below with the pink line.***

  • Make sure you are on time for the start and that you collect your runner number Sunday morning at the Road Runners Club table which will be toward the start line for the runners.
  • At Plaza di paz runners are required to pass on the right (Please also note this is indicated on the route map.
  • Runners will also be taking our NEW route taking a left onto the Bramendiweg, then a right onto Koraal Specht weg towards the end of the route as well.

The My Guardian Group Walk & Run takes place in a safe sporting environment where services and organizations such as the Police Force of Curacao, The Red Cross Korps, VKC, Brigada di Seguridat, Forensys (before CRS), Scouts and the Guardian Group Safety team keep the event on the right track. At Guardian Group Fatum the safety of the athletes is a top priority.

This year The My Guardian Walk & Run has a special theme: Clean, Safe & Fun. You can also help enforce the theme. Pay attention to the following, so that everyone can enjoy The Walk & Run as a Clean, Safe & Fun event.

  • Please do not spray with or throw with (empty) water bottles
  • Short cuts and hanging around at "stops" during the run are highly discouraged. There is no supervision here and suggest everyone not to diverge from the group.
  • After each water post and at the finish there are waste containers available all around, make use of these to minimize waste on and around the route


All participants pay a ANG. 10,- fee

Payment and T-shirt Pick up days at Guardian Group Fatum:

  • Monday             24 October 2016 between 5:00pm -9:00pm
  • Teusday             25 October 2016 between 5:00pm -9:00pm
  • Wednesday        26 October 2016 between 5:00pm -9:00pm
  • Thursday            27 October 2016 between 5:00pm -9:00pm
  • Friday                 28 October 2016 between 5:00pm -9:00pm

Walk & Run day Sunday 30 October 2016
Start: 6:30 am @ Guardian Group Cas Coraweg 2
Finish: Parking lot  Mambo Beach BLVD

Please note that Guardian Group does not supply any transportation to and from the Start or Finish location. We suggest all participants to make prior arrangements to be transported (back) to your vehicle.

Make sure to come by and pay and Pick up your T-shirt on time! Available only while supplies last!

*** PLEASE NOTE THAT OUR ROUTE HAS CHANGED for both walkers and runners!***

The official route of the My Guardian Group Walk & Run 2016:

  • Start Guardian Group Fatum Cas Coraweg
  • *** Runners will now start approximately 500 meters before the accustomed start line on the Schottegatweg Oost and turn onto Cas Coraweg to proceed along the route.*** (pink route)
  • Left onto S.B.N doormanweg
  • Left onto Snipweg
  • Straight onto Emancipatie Blvd (Nieuwe Haven)
    • Water available at crossing Regentesselaan
    • Trash available shortly after water
  • Keep onto Reikseenheid Blvd
    • Water available at Coca Cola
    • Trash available shortly after water
  • Left onto Schottegatweg Zuid
  • Right onto Kaya C. Winkel through Changes Pro Sport store
  • Left onto Nieuwe Caracasbaaiweg
  • Right onto Dr. Maalweg
  • ***Left onto Bramendiweg***
    • Water available on Bramendiweg
    • Trash available shortly after water
  • ***Right onto Koraalspechtweg***
  • Left onto MLK Blvd
  • Right onto Mambo Beach BLVD Parking lot

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