FAQ MiSalú

Everything you need to know about the MiSalú app!

The MiSalú app developed by SQLapius in collaboration with Guardian Group Fatum is a digital medical documentation application. Everything that was previously done on paper is now digitally processed directly in a personal and safe environment.

The MiSalú app acts as a digital replacement for the MediCare card* and has some extras:

  • Identification: show that you are insured in real time. Click on the identification button and you will immediately see your QR code. With this, the care provider (Botika, GP) immediately sees that you are insured with Guardian Group Fatum.
  • Prescriptions and lab requests: pharmacies and laboratories accept these, after identification, via the app.
  • Mandanza: Authorize someone else to pick up your prescriptions from the pharmacy.
  • Uploading invoices: easy direct submission of invoices and referral letters via a photo.
  • Pharmacies and laboratories: see which pharmacy or laboratory space is closest.
  • No internet / data? Some functions on the app are also available without internet / data (with identification).

* If for some reason, the app is not at hand, the (valid) MediCare card can be shown and used.

  • Guardian Group Fatum Curaçao MediCare card holders
  • Guardian Group Fatum Curaçao supplimental MediFlex clients.

Mediflex customers on St. Maarten will soon also be able to make use of the app.

All you have to do to get started is:

  • Register via guardian.misalu.live
  • Download the app and you can start right away.

Watch the video below and follow the steps:


  •      Click this link to register: guardian.misalu.live.
  •      On the login screen, scroll down to register.
  •      Enter all your details and choose which basic insurance you have (if you have Supplementary Mediflex,  then your basic insurance is SVB).
  •      After registration you will receive an email with a QR-Code to activate the MiSalú app.

Easily submit your medical receipts without having to make the trip to our office. No more waiting and your declaration goes straight to our mailbox via the app!


  •      Press on the menu
  •      Go to "my claims"
  •      Enter a "Catalog name"
  •      Add a photo
  •      Save it
  •      A message will pop up letting you know that the invoice has been uploaded

The app is called MiSalu and is built by SQLapius.

To find the app in the App store or in Google Play for:

  • iOS: SQ Mi Salu
  • Android: SQlapius
  • Specialists: specialists will also be included in the app, for the digital provision of warranty letters.
  • Botika na warda: indication of the pharmacies on call.
  • MediFlex customers on Sint Maarten