Why a Guardian Group mortgage?
Your personal situation and your wishes are central to the composition of your mortgage. In addition, your mortgage is arranged in such a way that you still have enough income to live comfortably.

For example, a Guardian Group mortgage is characterized by:

  • 100% financing possible
  • Housing costs up to a maximum of 30% of your income
  • A maximum term of 35 years
  • Interest rates as low as 4.75%
  • Your 1 stop shop for all your mortgage and insurance needs
  • Insurance discounts when you have everything under 1 roof!

What you'll need to get started

  • Salary slips from the last 3 months
  • Bank statements from the last 3 months
  • Appraisal report no older than 6 months (contact us for the list of approved appraisers)

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NEW: The Guardian Group Mortgage Calculator!**


  • What your mortage amount would be for the home of your dreams
  • Including the mandatory Fire insurance
  • Closing costs
  • and what you are allowed to borrow based on your financial situation!

**Please note that this calculator is based on rates and calculations on Curacao Market.